Past President & One of Founders of Federation of Ratepayers

August 14, 2013 in Public Forum

I have lived in Markham for over 34years and was involved in creating the original Federation of Ratepayers of Markham, to act as a leadership device for presentations to Council concerning planning issues, development and the environment. I am personally ashamed of how this entire process has been handled for the potential arena and especially the manner in which this Council has held meetings ” in camera” and not even had a formal RFP issued for this entire NHL arena development. It has been a really cavalier example of not including the public in an issue that will have create major debt problems, destroy our tax base from development and therefore our “reserve” budgets, which are used to offset future infrastructure needs. This will also lead to huge traffic concerns, as well. It does not bring any revenue to the city, as we are responsible for the debt first. We must stop the momentum that this issue has developed and allow the people of our Community an opportunity to see the ” business proposal” or financial schemes that is the basis of this arena concept, as we have been denied this information. The vote is September should be to return to the proper RFP process for this type of undertaking and also bring transparency back to the process. Enough of the concept that this information is too dangerous to be public knowledge.

D’Arcy Pigott