Projects & Accomplishments

MCCRG was extremely busy in 2013 working in opposition to the Markham Arena and in 2014 focusing on the upcoming municipal election. These two issues took up most of our time, however we did manage to work on several other issues. 

The following summarizes our issues pursued since our inception in 2013. For details, Click here to view or download.

1) Arena – Defeat Financial Framework.

2) Release of Arena Consultants Reports.

3) To support and participate in the 2014 municipal election process.

4) Promoting ‘All Candidates Meetings’.

5) To endorse candidates for Markham Council.

6) To help residents with long-standing deficiencies in the development of Cathedraltown.

7) To protect wildlife and preserve natural habitat on the German Mills Meadow and protect and preserve Settlers’ Park residents’ properties   from subsidence.

8) To assist local businesses with the problems surrounding repeated flooding in the Woodbine-Steelcase Business District in Ward 8.

9) To establish the principle of city responsibility for city-wide upgrades to stormwater sewer and flood control infrastructure and for associated costs, and to ensure that Council chooses the least expensive billing system possible.

10)Obtaining reliable and sustainable funding for stormsewer remediation and flood control work.

11)To open up the operations of Markham District Energy to public scrutiny.

12) To review the Reporting System for Councillor Expenses after noticing anomalies.

13) To Review the Employee Service Award Program.

14) Reinstatement of the position of Auditor General.

15) To support Anti-SLAPP legislation at Queen’s Park. (SLAPP = Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation)

16) Review of Arena consultants reports upon their release.

17) Support reform to Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) to reduce its power.

18) Support Bill#42 to require a public election of the Chair of York Region.

19) Working against Markham buying into the Power Stream Merger.



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