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The Globe and Mail 12/05/2013 – Markham squashes deal with Roustan but arena dream lives on

The National Post 12/05/2013 – Markham Arena Project nearly dead as lack of support from NHL proves to be too big a hurdle

The Toronto Star 12/05/2013 – Markham backs out of arena partnership deal

York Region News 12/04/2013 – Your voices from the NHL arena debate

York Region News 12/04/2013 – Roustan’s critics get warning

York Region News 12/04/2013 – Markham votes steer NHL style arena toward private funding

York Region News 12/03/2013 – NHL arena meeting goes into OT: 3rd night planned

The Globe and Mail 12/03/2013 – Markham arena awashed in financial confusion

The Toronto Star 12/03/2013 – Markham arena up for council vote

The National Post 12/03/2013 – Markham Arena Project: A closer look at the plan that’s still $325M and one NHL Team short

The Toronto Star 12/02/2013 – Markham arena promoter warns critics

Field of Schemes – 12/02/2013 – Markham rolls out same arena plan yet again, this time with more promises

York Region News 12/02/2013 – Residents speak out at NHL arena meeting

The Globe and Mail 12/02/2013 – Plan for second Toronto arena facility looks more like a boondoggle

York Region News 11/21/2013 – Keeping open mind for GTA Centre, deputy Mayor says

York Region News 11/14/2013 – Markham sets Dec 2. for NHL arena meeting

The Toronto Sun 10/12/2013 – Most Markham residents oppose public money for arena, survey by opponents shows

York Region News 10/11/2013 – 97% say no to Markham NHL arena funding

York Region News 10/02/2013 – Special meeting on arena Oct 15

York Region News 09/24/2013 – Markham to host special meetings on NHL arena

The Toronto Sun 09/18/2013 – Markham arena proponents willing to fund half the cost

York Region News 09/17/2013 – NHL arena promoter finds new financial backers

The National Post 09/17/2013 – Nothing private about Markham arena’s public funding

York Region News Letters to Editor 09/03/2013 – Research says large arenas bring no economic benefits to cities

The Toronto Star 08/25/2013 – Markham arena promoter loses again in Texas Court Case 08/08/2013 – Asian Angels in the wings with Overseas money that could end the GTA Centre Controversy

The Toronto Star 08/08/2013 – Markham arena fights escalates as city council vote looms

The Toronto Star 08/07/2013 – Proposed Markham arena draws Chinese Investor Interest

York Region News 08/02/2013 – NHL arena could serve as emergency shelter, proponents say

The Toronto Star 08/01/2013 – Markham arena: Deputy Mayor wants City to pull out

York Region News 07/31/2013 – Markham Deputy mayor wants end to NHL arena debate

York Region News 07/31/2013 – Survey seeks your opinion on NHL arena funding

The Toronto Star 07/26/2013 – Why so much secrecy in public arena? : Public Editor

The Toronto Star 07/21/2013 – Can Markham’s proposed arena help invent the City

The Toronto Star 07/11/2013 – Markham arena partner sends conflicting messages on need for big tenant

The Toronto Star 07/02/2013 – Markham council meets secretly on plugging arena leaks

The Toronto Star 06/28/2013 – Markham council to keep arena reports secret

York Region News 06/28/2013 – Markham won’t budge on arena documents

The Toronto Star 06/27/2013 – Markham Group expresses shock over Arena issue

The Toronto Star 06/24/2013 – NHL says Markham got incorrect inform and league hasn’t endorsed arena promoter

The Toronto Star 04/17/2013 – End secrecy on Markham’s plan to build an NHL arena: Editorial

The Toronto Star 04/15/2013 – Markham arena reports remain secret despite push for release