Markham Citizens Coalition for Responsive Government

The Markham Citizens Coalition for Responsive Government (MCCRG) is a grassroots organization of citizens from all parts of Markham.  It has been formed because of widespread public opposition to the City borrowing $325 million to build the proposed Markham Arena.  There are several elements of the financial framework for this project that could put the citizens of Markham at financial risk.

We are interested in creating a more democratic and more responsive model of municipal government for our City, not just for this issue but for all significant issues in the future. 

For a listing of our projects and accomplishments, click here. For a detailed report, click here to view or download.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to inform Markham residents about major municipal issues and to facilitate their involvement towards achieving more responsive municipal governance. MCCRG advocates for open, transparent and accountable government, operating at the highest level of integrity and fiscal responsibility.


To achieve our mission:

1. We will work to elect and re-elect council members who believe in open, transparent, accountable, respectful and responsive governance, who will represent their constituents’ viewpoints at Council, and who exhibit a high degree of integrity and progressive thinking.

2. We will work towards meaningful participation by citizens in setting priorities with regard to how public funds should be allocated, especially in cases involving major expenditures of those funds.

3. We will work to have an accurate summary of publicly expressed views included in staff and other reports, especially after public meetings have been held by the City, and will monitor the degree to which council members take those views into account when voting on the issues before them.

4. We will work towards meaningful and respectful discourse between the Mayor, Councillors, staff and residents.

5. We will make full use of the City’s Integrity Commissioner when issues arise that fit within the mandate of that office.

6. We will work with other citizen groups in Ontario towards the enactment of a Provincial statute which will include Municipal Councils and Councillors in access to information legislation.